Grow Taller Supplements That Work

Grow Taller SupplementsFor the average man who wants to add a few inches to their height, the inability to do so and the lack of know-how can be nothing short of frustrating. If you’re on the shorter side, then the odds are you’ve done your research, tried exercises to add some length, tried elevator shoes, lifts or heeled shoes for much-needed height and maybe even consulted a doctor or two to learn more ways to increase your height potential. But unfortunately, growing taller is almost impossible after puberty. But there is some hope if the growth plates in the body have not yet fused.

How to Choose the Right Supplements to Help You Grow Taller

There are no magical grow taller supplements that will give you those much-needed inches overnight and there is no clinical or medical evidence that shows you can grow taller once you’ve passed puberty. Exercise, pills or lotions won’t be able to make your bones grow once you’ve reached your mid-twenties. But there are some natural supplements that can help with this issue if you’re bones are still growing.

A woman will typically stop growing at seventeen or eighteen, while men will stop growing at nineteen to twenty-two years of age. The final growth stages occur in the growth plates which are located at the end of the long bones in the legs and arms. Before and during puberty, the growth plates are soft and allow for continued bone growth. As a person goes through puberty, the growth plates begin to solidify and will completely fuse together at the end of puberty. Most physicians agree that once the plates have fused, growth is no longer possible. There are many companies that produce their own brand of grow taller pills that claim to reverse this process, but unfortunately, there is no medical evidence that confirms that this is even possible.

Spotting Grow Taller Scams

There are several products on the market that contain a myriad of ingredients. These products don’t come with any type of scientific basis for their claims. Products designed to increase your height are often health supplements and the FDA doesn’t confirm or regulate the accuracy of the statements made by these manufacturers. Also, some of the ingredients that are found in these products have not received an extensive evaluation that can confirm the long term effects of using these products, nor can they ensure their safety. Because of this, before you jump in and begin taking any supplement that’s designed to increase your height, make sure you read all of the ingredients on the label and speak with your physician, in order to make sure that these types of supplements will not put your health at risk.

Human growth hormones have been approved by the FDA for the use in patients who experience abnormal growth. This kind of treatment will require a physician’s prescription and it’s often only effective in children who have not yet reached puberty. This type of hormone supplement works by aiding the body in increasing the production of this important hormone. Some manufacturers will market the human growth hormone supplements and include information regarding the medical use of human growth hormones in adolescents in order to support the claims, however, taking human growth hormones after puberty will not make you taller.

Unfortunately, the internet has made it too easy for these companies to sell their pills. Many of these companies will also create discussion groups where they can post fake testimonials and discussions. Other companies will also offer a thirty or sixty day money back guarantee for their supplements. Despite these claims and guarantees, there are no supplements that can add inches to your height.

Natural Supplements That Can Increase Your Height

Vitamin A for heightA person’s height in adulthood is largely determined by their genetic makeup. However, you can give your body a boost by making simple, healthy changes. Some environmental factors can have an effect on how tall you grow. While lack of nutrition and illness in your developing years can stunt your growth, there are some natural supplements you can taking during the adolescent years that can have a positive effect on your height.

The healthy development of bones will depend in part on vitamin A. vitamin A is one of the essential supplements that can help you to grow taller and some of the main sources are foods that contain high levels of retinol. Retinal is a form of vitamin A that’s found in animal sources. Other foods that are rich in retinol include liver, fish and milk. The human body is able to convert beta carotene found in green leafy veggies, carrots and some fruits, into vitamin A.

Vitamin B is another supplement that can encourage the body to reach its height potential.

Vitamin B complex features a combination of eight B vitamins and is made up of such vitamins as niacin and folate. The combination of these B vitamins can play a crucial role when it comes to processing nutrients, encouraging new cell development and producing red blood cells. All of these processes are required for proper bone growth and development. You can get vitamin B from sources such as bananas, some lean meats, nuts and chicken.

Another important nutrient that can be obtained through proper nutrition is vitamin C. This is another vitamin that can help with bone growth and development during the teen years. This vitamin works to boost the immune system and fights off illnesses. Being generally healthy is essential for growing taller. This vitamin can also help with collagen production which can also work to strengthen bones. The most common source of vitamin C is of course citrus fruits.

If you’re looking for natural supplements for growing taller, then add vitamin D to the list. Milk, cereals, eggs and fish oil are great vitamin D sources. A person can also get plenty of vitamin D from frequent sun exposure. This nutrient is essential in order to help the body properly absorb calcium, which is also an essential component for bone strength and growth.